Episode 5: Change your thinking, change your life - Ed JC Smith, CEO of Champion Academy. Hosted by Valentina Halim

March 28, 2017

Ed is an entrepreneur and an internationally renowned expert in the area of psychology and business. He is a multi business owner who is fiercely committed to helping others expand their capabilities and their ability to achieve success.

Learn from a true professional and an internationally renowned expert in the area of psychology performance & relationships. Ed has used cognitive psychology in a therapy, leadership and business context for over 16 years and has taught relationship skills in some of the most prestigious facilities in the United States and London where he ran a private relationship clinic in Wimpole Street London for over 8 years.

Ed talks all over the world about the application of practical psychology techniques and how it can be applied daily to break through your limitations the past, how you can create the relationship you deserve and how he personally has helped thousands of people secure and grow the relationship of their dreams with quick change processes so you can do the same too. 


Connect with Ed via;   

Facebook: www.facebook.com/edjcsmith

Website: www.championacademy.co.uk


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