Episode 6: Take your business from surviving to thriving with Kavitha Chahel - CEO of Compassionism Ltd. Hosted by Valentina Halim

April 6, 2017

Kavitha Chahel is the founder and MD of a coaching and training business Compassionism ltd, focusing on developing compassionate leaders, to create effective teams and happy humans. She is an experienced business coach and company director. For nearly 20 years Kavitha has worked in business development, marketing, business leadership and strategy across the corporate, public and charitable sectors.

Kavitha is also a non-executive director of Asha projects, a charity that provides safe housing to women and children fleeing from domestic violence. She has worked with clients across EMEA, the Americas & APAC. Kavitha is a speaker and has been a guest lecturer at the university of Middlesex and London Metropolitan University.


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Website: www.compassionism.com


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